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EXT3 Superblock Recovery


had a bad day yesterday: accidentally, the first 0.5% to 1% of my ext3 partition got overwritten, can't gauge it more exactly. Geography of the partition is:
size ~100 GB.
block size should be 4096.
=> deleted are averages to 500mb - 1gb still.

I don't think it is relevant, but the device itself is /dev/loop0, because there is a cryptoloop layer between the device and the actual /dev/hda3, but i can initiate that layer properly anyway, so it shouldn't matter (should it?).

When i try to mount:

EXT3-fs error: ext3_check_descriptors: block bitmap for group 0 not in group (block (block 152615462)

EXT3-fs: group descriptors corrupted.

of course i tried e2fsck (v 1.27), but it said it could not see an ext3 on the partiiton and suggested to try another superblock (here: 8193). hopes surging, but bad luck, because block 8193 is also within the deleted area.

My question therefore is, if there are any (backup) superblocks on an arbitrary ext3 partiiton which i could access to recover some data at least. I tried the formula (8192*n +1), but bad luck.....i assume that backup superblocks are not sprayed round the partition like that.

anyway, if anybody'd have some some suggestions, i'd be most grateful. 


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