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Trying to recover ext3 on corrupted raid5


I sent a message to linux-kernel that describes exactly what I did to
thourally fsck up my ext3, but now I'm trying to see if I can recover more
than the ext3 kernel driver will let me get to...


Now that you've read that, and you haven't given up hope (stubbornly like
me), then I'd like to know what I can do to reconstruct some of the meta-data.

I have one directory, (my home directory) that I'd like to get to in
particular, but the directory entry refers to a cleared inode that doesn't
point to any data blocks.  I know some of the file names that would be in
that directory, and if I could re-reference a data block back to that inode
maybe I can get further.

The only thing is, I haven't done this before.  I'd love to have something
like reiserfs's fsck that reads the entire partition and tries to
reconstruct the meta-data, but alas AFAIK ext2/3 doesn't have anything like

I have an e2image file from the fs (unfortunately after the corruption),
that is ~4mb after bzip2 compression that I can send to anyone interested.



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