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Re: Needed help to fix corrupted ext3 fs

If I would have known it was a logical volume (didn't pay enough attention because I was at work), I wouldn't have suggested what I did.

Anyway, what specifically happens when you boot up? Does it force you to a root prompt or does it boot up but refuse write access?

In any event, the e2fsck -fp should have fixed any minor problems and reported larger ones but failed to do so. What is the entire contents of your /etc/fstab?

..:::BeOS Mr. X:::.. wrote:

Okay, I recieved three usefull replies from these people:
Andreas Dilger adilger clusterfs com
Kevin Strong kstrong criminalinfo net
Johann Lombardi ohann lombardi bull net

Here I attempt to reply to all of them at once. All the suggestions were performed while booted to the Mandriva 2006 cli, in su mode.

Andreas Dilger's suggestion:
e2fsck -fp /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00

/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00: 165780/14974976 files (2.8% non-contiguous), 5773411/299253796 blocks

Johann Lombardi's suggestion:
e2fsck on /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 instead of /dev/hda3.

done, same suggestion as Andreas.

The most exhaustive work was done with Kevin Strong's suggestions.
send the output of mount /dev/hda3 -oremount,rw

[mntent]: line 2 in /etc/fstab is bad
[mntent]: line 4 in /etc/fstab is bad
[mntent]: line 6 in /etc/fstab is bad
mount: can't find /dev/hda3 in /etc/fstab pr /etc/mtab

df -Tla
Filesytem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
none proc 0 0 0 - /proc
df: '/proc/bus/usb': No such file or directory
none sysfs 0 0 0 - /sys

cat /proc/ide/hda/settings
name           value      min max   mode
----           -----      --- ---   ----
acoustic       0          0   254   rw
address        1          0   2     rw
bios_cyl       24792      0   65535 rw
bios_head      255        0   255   rw
bios_sect      63         0   63    rw
bswap          0          0   1     rw
current_speed  70         0   70    r
failures       0          0   65535 rw
init_speed     70         0   70    rw
is_32bit       0          0   3     rw
keep settings  0          0   1     rw
lun            0          0   7     rw
max_failures   1          0   65535 rw
mult count     16         0   16    rw
nice1          1          0   1     rw
nowerr         0          0   1     rw
number         0          0   3     rw
pio_mode       write-only 0   255   w
unmaskirq      0          0   1     rw
unsing_dma     1          0   1     rw
wcache         1          0   1     rw

cat /proc/filesystem
nodev sysfs
nodev rootfs
nodev bdev
nodev proc
nodev sockfs
nodev pipfs
nodev tmpfs
nodev inotifyfs
nodev eventpollfs
nodev devpts
dodev ramfs
nodev devfs
nodev mqueue

cat /proc/ide/hda/driver
ide-disk version 1.18


Now hopefully more progress can be made now that I've given all the required information. Hope you can help!

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