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Re: Alex, help with login? (Was: PAMified login?)

"MKJ" == Michael K Johnson <johnsonm@redhat.com> writes:

MKJ> Since this is standard on other systems, and there doesn't seem
MKJ> to be a real standard yet for Linux, it seems to me that it would
MKJ> make sense to adopt it.  Anyone running all-NFS systems already
MKJ> has enough problems that not locking /etc/ won't be a problem, and
MKJ> the right way to fix that is for Jeff and Olaf to finish lockd...  :-)

Olaf was doing lockd until he got swamped with work, etc.  He's been so
busy lately that he's also completely turned over linux-alert/security
to me, though he's still nominally listed as a co-moderator.

I've had a functional (though still quite alpha) statd written for some
time (since last fall), though it's not much good without a lockd to
talk to.  Olaf's lockd is semi-complete: it still lacks hooks for statd
monitoring, as well as kernel code to do the client-side locking.

I've been kicking about taking over working on lockd, but hacking RPC
code in kernel-space gives me the willies so I've not really done
anything there yet.  Maybe it's time to get working on that; it's more
important right now (IMHO) than a PAM S/Key module, and I've only got
one other major side project going right now.  (Well...two if you count
tinkering with a /dev/nit-like packet interface/buffer/filter for the
kernel, which I've just started on....)


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