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Re: Alex, help with login? (Was: PAMified login?)

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Marek Michalkiewicz wrote:

> Michael K. Johnson:
> > If the shadow chfn and chsh don't authenticate the user,
> > I'm not touching them with a 10-foot pole.  The util-linux
> > chfn and chsh authenticate the user before allowing the user
> > to change anything.
> Sorry, forgot about that one.  Just wondering what is the
> reason for this - no other UN*X that I know of does this
> (chfn or chsh authenticating ths user).

Solaris 2:
(no chfn or chsh found. hmmm, pretty paranoid ;-)

SunOS 4.1:
[sopwith@sol: ~] ypchfn
Changing NIS finger information for sopwith on sol.
Default values are printed inside of '[]'.
To accept the default, type <return>.
To have a blank entry, type the word 'none'.

Name [Elliot Lee]:
Finger information unchanged.
[sopwith@sol: ~] ypchsh
Changing NIS login shell for sopwith on sol.
Old shell: /usr/local/bin/bash
New shell:
Login shell unchanged.

[sopwith@helix: ~] chfn
Changing finger information for sopwith.
Name [Elliot Lee]:
Office []:
Office Phone []:
Home Phone []:

Finger information not changed.
[sopwith@helix: ~] chsh
Changing shell for sopwith.
New shell [/usr/local/bin/bash]:
[sopwith@helix: ~]
Let me just say that I really like the way linux does it...  The idea of
someone being able to change my gecos to 'Sex Slave' when I'm away from
the keyboard is kind of crazy ;-) 

In a sense, password authentication should be required for anything that
involves a specific user.  </$0.02>

Hope this helps,
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