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Re: Patch 3: Prefix Problem

Michael K. Johnson:
> I should add that even if you don't personally want there to be any
> hope of anyone modifying init to clean up sessions, it seems rude to
> me to deny others the possibility of making PAM follow standard Unix
> conventions more closely.

I think we can follow standard Unix conventions, and follow Sun (==
PAM in /usr/lib) at the same time :-).  I already explained one way
to do this (have init fork and exec a small program to close the
session).  Another possibility - use dlopen() to dynamically load
libpam.so.1 at run time when available and needed.  My guess is
that it's how Sun does it - Solaris 2.5 /sbin/init is a big static
binary, but dynamically linked with libdl.so.1, and if you do
"strings /sbin/init", you will see some PAM stuff there...  It's
just my guess of course, corrections from Sun are welcome.

To avoid module bugs, init can still fork and close the session in
the child process, so that it won't harm the parent if PAM leaks
memory or segfaults.


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