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Andrew Morgan wrote:
> John Fulmer wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone know if someone is working on a TACACS module for PAM?
> > TACACS (with the proper encryption properties or one time password
> > scheme) would make a dandy centralized user management protocol for
> > routers and ip services..
> >
> I've not heard about anything for PAM related to TACACS. Is this the
> TACACS you are talking about?

Yup. TACACS, XTACACS, and the new TACACS+ are CISCO's authentication
transport protocol, used primarily for terminal servers and routers. One
nice thing about TACACS (and Radius to some extent) is that you can
centralize  your user and password database, and it also supports Enigma
Logic and SecurID transactions. The URL for the white paper follows.
Also try ftp://ftp.navya.com/pub/vikas/ for source for an xtacacsd


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