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Re: pam.conf - A proposed change

On Sat, 7 Sep 1996, Cristian Gafton wrote:

> I was thinking about making even the pam.conf file more pluggable - and I 
> comed to the conclusion that will be better if instead of one huge 
> pam.conf file we will have a directory called /etc/pam.conf (for 
> example), and in that directory we will have configuration files named 
> after each program (so we will have 'ftp', 'login', 'passwd', etc. files 
> with required configuration lines).

This would certainly
> I am thinking in first place at the distributions using a packaging 
> system such as RedHat or Debian - it will be very easy to make a package 
> which install a file (upgrade a file) into that directory rather than 
> taking care and fiddling with one single configuration file.
> What fo you think about that ? It should be easy to implement, and the 
> advantages we can get pay the overhead implied by this change.
> Awaiting for your comments,
> 		Cristian Gafton
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