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Re: URL's

Joseph S. D. Yao wrote:
> > some weird problems related to using Netscape 3.0 on this site. I
> > need to clear the file cache periodically...?
> Perhaps they are constantly changing the site?  Try pressing "reload"
> next time you think you need to clear cache.  As for the other

Yes. I've done this. But the point is that if I change the file on
parc.power.net, pressing reload has (occasionally) not made Netscape
pick up the new version of the page. [Lynx on the other hand responds to
explicit reload requests]. In order to make Netscape pick up the changes,
I have discovered I really do need to clear its file cache.

> problems, could they be either DNS failures or someone's attempt to
> cleverly switch the home WWW server via a switched DNS entry?

This is entirely possible, but parc seems stable so I hope I can
stop worrying about it now..



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