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Re: shadow-960910

Hi people -

Sorry to stir up a hornet's nest with my somewhat emotional e-mail 
earlier, but at last we are getting to useful discussions.

I'd like to assist porting the shadow apps to use PAM, so we can have the 
power/flexibility of PAM, coupled with the superior capabilities of 
login, su, etc. of the shadow suite.

However, precisely what mustt go through PAM to be authenticated is a bit 
hazy to me at the moment. Specifically, I wrote some su enhancements to 
very specifically ban/allow/allow with own password use of the su 
command. Also, many people like the idea of passwd allowing certain 
privileged users to change the passwords of other specified accounts. I 
mandated myself to knock up a quick version of this, implemented via 
config file.

How do the above two pieces of functionality fit in with PAM?


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