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Re: shadow-960910


What an exchange!! I guess PAM is so flexible, there are going to be an
enormous number of ways to do the same thing... So far as I am concerned
this is a good thing. More choice to the sys-admin.

Regarding the .52 pam_unix module. So far as I am aware, it contains all
the features (and some of the code) of the Red Hat unix module now.
The only thing missing is crack_lib support (which is in the Red Hat module)

Together with adding the helper password-verification executable, I plan
to have crack_lib as a pluggable module in .53, which should go a long way
to reuniting us all. As Cristian has said there are a number
of new features too so please take a look at it when it is released.

As for porting applications (shadow or otherwise) please do it. Here again
the sys-admin will have choices, as ever... [Personally, if I ever get time
I will make some PAM-only apps, along the lines of su and passwd in
SimpleApps.. While I don't want to step on anyone elses turf, I'd like
to see some readably short/simple and hopefully verifiably secure
applications that the more paraniod of us can understand at a glance.]

Speaking of choice, are any other distributions pushing PAM?

Best wishes


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