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Re: libc and pam_unix

Elliot Lee wrote:
> The problem is that right now there isn't an alternative for the libc
> routines. In addition, the libc NIS support must be all tied together
> AFAIK, in order to let it do things like bind to servers & such. Anyone on
> the list that knows a bit more about this?

This is exactly it. libc, as it is has its finger in more pies than libpam

As an example, if we look at the 'su.c' in simple apps, we note that most of
the interesting parts of the application are dealt with by pam_ calls. It is
only the "credentials" of the user that the application deals with directly:
su resorts to using "..pw.."-like calls for the initgroups call, prefered
shell and their home directory.

Now, if for the sake of argument, we let pam_unix deal with this credential
setting through environment variables and the setting of groups. Do we
completely remove the need for libc calls to the ..pw.. functions?
[except that is for credential maintenance functions?]

Elliot, are we sewing confusion? Am I making sense?


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