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Re: shadow-960910

On Fri, 13 Sep 1996, Cristian Gafton wrote:

> Take a look at the usermod for example. Tell me that is easyier to do by 
> hand what 'usermod -d /home/new_home -m -l new_name oldname' does and 
> I'll shut up.

It's much harder, and usermod should be supported. I suspect it needs
some work to be compatible with PAM however, such as running on systems
w/o /etc/shadow.

> Sincerely, are you brave enough to put this on a README about working 
> with shadow on your servers ? Suggest users to do by hand things ? What 
> if someone is messing his /etc/shadow... RedHat is excellent at providing 
> X apps to manage things, so probably this will be corrected in the 
> usercfg. I am talking about text utils. Get the task of changing in batch 
> some info from the aging fields... It is not important that it is 
> possible to do it, it is important _how easy_ is to do it.

Right now, we feel we can say Red Hat includes support for shadow passwords. 
That's not the same as including full support for the shadow suite. It would
be great to see the shadow tools moved toward PAM compatibility so we can
feel good about including them with our next next release.

> That's wrong. Joe user just heared that shadow is a good thing. Then 
> comes the problems, list floods, etc.

Joe runs "pwconv5" and he has shadow passwords. Joe is probably too lazy
to care about password expirations, etc.

At any rate, Red Hat hopes to providing standard tools that work with PAM
to provide compatibility with the standard shadow suite. If those tools
are modified versions of the tools from the shadow suite, all the better.


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