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Re: libc and pam_unix

> Your message dated: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 18:21:26 EDT
> > On Thu, 12 Sep 1996, Andrew G. Morgan wrote:
> > > If the sys-admin is to specify which database is to be used from pam.conf do
> > > people think the module should use built in functions to read the password
> > > etc. info from the right place? [ie. ignore the libc functions] 
> > Having to modify both /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/pam.conf seems a bit silly.
> It is not. /etc/pam.conf defines what method to use for authentication.
> /etc/nsswitch defines where to get information for particular authentication
> method ( among the other things )
> Alex

I think that is pretty much the point, though.  Note the first line in
the question.  Nsswitch.conf gives one the choice of DNS / NIS / file
for each of about 15 different databases, including passwd and group.
Sun gives you a choice of NIS+, and restricts DNS use to hosts only.  I
believe that DEC Ultrix allowed use of DNS/BIND for passwd and group as
well (and used the file name "svc.conf", too); but that usage doesn't
seem to have survived.  (I believe this usage is documented in Albitz &
Liu, DNS and Bind, O'Reilly and Associates.)

The question is, having specified this in one ".conf" file, should it
also be specified in another ".conf" file?  Earlier posts seemed to
suggest that the database(s) to be used be specified in the pam.conf

Joe Yao				jsdy@cais.com - Joseph S. D. Yao

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