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Announcement: mailing list status

Red Hat Software is moving its offices this weekend.  This means that
starting about 4pm on friday, the network connection will go down.  We
hope that it will be back up in a matter of hours, but disaster may well
strike and this list could possibly be down all weekend.  Be aware that
mail sent to this list during that time may generate automatic messages
to the effect of "I couldn't deliver your mail yet, but I'm still trying"
between friday and sunday.

Please, if this happens, DO NOT send us email to tell us that it is
happening.  It WILL NOT get through to us until the network is back up
anyway.  And if we don't have internet access, trust us, we will be
aware of that fact...  :-)

Also, be aware that once we are back online, we will probably have a
backlog of mail to deliver, and delivery of messages sent to this list
will probably be somewhat slow for a day or two.

Thanks in advance for your patience this weekend,


"Ever wonder why the SAME PEOPLE make up ALL the conspiracy theories?"

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