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Pam'd sudo and ssh - the rough cut...

Two patches to add PAM support to sudo and ssh can be found at:


These can definitely be improved upon - I don't know how to drive
autoconf yet, so these apply after configure is run on the non-PAM source.

To install in a RedHat environment, obtain src rpms, prepare the source
using "rpm -bp", run configure, then apply the patch.

If anyone cares to take this work and make up proper src rpms, please do.
[I notice that someone has recently posted a PAM patch for ssh to the ssh
mailing list - I'll be having a look at that.]

These patches haven't been thoroughly tested, but do allow password
authentication in a shadowed/MD5 environment.

Charlie Brady - Telstra  |internet: cbrady@ind.tansu.com.au
Network Products         |Snail    : Locked Bag 6581, GPO Sydney 2001 Australia
Platform Technologies    |Physical : Lvl 2, 175 Liverpool St, Sydney 2000
 IN-Sub Unit - Sydney    | Phone: +61 2 9206 3470 Fax: +61 2 9281 1301

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