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PAM and Radius, again [Was: Re: MD5 compatibility with FreeBSD]

"Steve \"Stevers!\" Coile" <scoile@patriot.net> wrote:
> Works like a charm.  My next problem is the pamified radiusd:  I'll
> review your posts on that matter here.  I might have to do it.
> I actually suggested the "new radiusd" project to Cristian... but I guess
> folks are too busy and the project fizzled out.  I'll give a shot
> at pamifying existing radiusd's like Miquel van Smoorenburg's... any advice?
> I haven't read the programming docs yet, though - I'm still a user-level
> PAM user.

The impression that I've taken from the pam/radiusd discussions on this
list is that several people have perpetrated various hacks, patches, etc
(no offense to anyone!), and that, while they work to the satisfaction of 
the individual persons, there is no sort of offical effort for a patchkit 
for a radiusd to do PAM. 

While I know the flurry of "it works for me" patches posted to the list is
inevitable with the availibility of so many radius daemons out there to
start with, perhaps the pam community could adopt one and make a concerted
effort to come up with a patchkit and some rpms of the patched daemon(s).


Normally I'm the last person to suggest some course of action and not just
do it myself, but PAM is a little of my reach right now -- I'm on the list
to investigate it for our machines, but don't really use it (beyond how it
came on redhat 4.2) right now.

The press only knows three stories, Apple is dead, Microsoft is evil, and 
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dead? Is Microsoft still evil?  Let's ask the third question. 
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