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Re: pam - rsh

Mathew Lamb writes:
>Redhat is a great distribution, after the initial hiccups all works fine
>- execpt in one area. Using Rsh has been tricky. 

Upgrade to Red Hat Linux 4.2 if you have not already done so.  The
rhosts authentication in 4.2 is a lot better than in previous releases.

>I have uploaded the new in.rexecd and with manual rsh'lling all works as
>it should, but automated rsh authentication does noty work -
>(i) how does it interact with PAM?

PAM does the rhosts authentication for rsh.

>(ii) does the bug in rexecd (I believe it does not quit after the
>process finishes) have a work around?

I'm not personally aware of this bug.  Can you send me more details?
If there is indeed a bug here, it would be a Red Hat bug, not a PAM
bug, so I'd suggest discussing it on redhat-devel-list@redhat.com
rather than here.

>(iii) this is all in the context of PVM (parallel virtual machines) - do
>you need an .rpm making for this?

Again, this question is specific to Red Hat, and would be better
dealt with on redhat-devel-list@redhat.com.

ftp to ftp.redhat.com, and do "site exec locate pvm".  It will say:
200-locate pvm
200  (end of 'locate pvm')

If there's a newer version, you could consider updating that already
contributed rpm to the latest version.  Otherwise it is already
contributed.  In any case, thanks for the offer.


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 prudent as the heavy petting of literature."            -- Fran Lebowitz

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