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SimplePAMApps 0.55 released


I've placed "stable" releases of SimplePAMApps (which can be compiled with
and without PWDB support) on my Linux-PAM page.  I have also provided two
separate RPMS for this package with and without PWDB support.


You will likely have to --force these rpms when you try to install them.
They make extensive use of features of Linux-PAM that were present in 0.57
and later releases and come with some default /etc/pam.d/* files (your old
configuration will be rpmsave'd).

Hope you like them.  Thanks to Mark Lillywhite for spotting a problem in the
alpha releases relating to non-termination of sessions.



CHANGELOG over 0.54 (corrected spelling;):

* added pam_close_session in the case that acquiring credentials fails
  -- both su and login (bug report Mark Lillywhite).

* slightly more reasonable default configurations are included. (since
  the rpm will now try to install them on your system).

* $HOME works again for 'su -'

* addded conditional compilation of pwdb to passwd (uses pwdb's getlogin)

* tidy up in Makefile and su made more impervious to being kill()ed

* fixed two typos in login and passwd manuals: critical -> requisite

* su can now be run without taking its input from a tty.  This is only when
  it is run by the superuser.

               Linux-PAM, libpwdb, Orange-Linux and Linux-GSS

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