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Re: Suggestions wanted: how to generated MD5-encrypted passw


"Steve   Stevers!   Coile" <scoile@patriot.net> at SMTP wrote;
>I'd like to write a script that generates MD5-encrypted passwords in a 
>Red Hat Linux 4.1 environment.  Anyone have any suggestions how best to 
>do this?
>I've got a copy of md5_crypt.c from the Linux-PAM pwdb module.  I 
>was considering converting it to Perl, but I'm not fond of that 
>idea. Another option would be to write a simple wrapper program that 
>reads a string from standard input, passes it to md5_crypt, and 
>sends the encrypted password to standard output.
>I was wondering if, perhaps, there's already an easy way to do this? 
>Perhaps someone's aware of a Perl module at CPAN that already handles 

Mmmm, I don't know anything about this. (I'm trying to learn)
BUT, I ran across this while perusing X-window security issues at

    <begin quote>
    One of the best ways we have found to generate a random 
    non-reproducable number with output in hex is to use common
    system commands and the MD5 cyptographic sum generator. MD5 can be 
    retrieved from ftp.cert.org. 
    A csh example using system statistics and MD5. 
      set randomkey=`(ps -ael; nfsstat -m; nfsstat -r; netstat -s; 
    netstat -m; date)` | md5
    <end quote>

It looks to me like the program md5 does what you're wanting.  Or, I'm 
totally missing what you're asking :)


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