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Re: PAM, When?

>>>  NSS is part of the GNU C library.
>> As well as Solaris; I do not know, however, if the implementations are
>> compatible.
> They're not. The GNU implementation is much simpler, although the Solaris
> implementation has some useful features (such as per-thread enumeration
> contexts). The nss_ldap library supports both implementations, as well as
> Paul Vixie's omninously named Information Retrieval Service (IRS).
> Anyway, this is getting way off-topic...
> -- Luke

	I don't think so!  Name services seem to be inextricably
	intertwined with authentication.  While I think that PAM
	as a project, should focus on the authentication aspects,
	I recognize that it has to interoperate with name services
	and libraries.

	Maybe if we all knew more about what's already been done
	in name (directory) services, we'd have a better idea of
	what PAM shouldn't be trying to (re)do.

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