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Re: PAM, When?

That's cool... I'd love it if you kept us (or just me if this is too far
afield for this list) aprised of newly released info on this subject. As a
favor (so you can say no!)

thanks for bringing it up in the first place. I'm learning tons this week.
Yay. =)


On Tue, 27 Oct 1998 alanr@bell-labs.com wrote:

> Jim Hebert wrote:
> >
> > Can you post a pointer for the lucent stuff?
> Sorry I can't.  It's poorly documented, and behind a firewall.  The general
> idea is that people WILL EVENTUALLY get assigned uids from a single corporate
> database that you could think of as an LDAP server.  In fact, most of the data
> in this database is mirrored onto an LDAP server.  This hasn't all been done
> yet.  It'll be complicated and take the company years to get to (in my
> opinion).  Nevertheless, it's a generally Good Idea.
>         -- Alan Robertson
>            alanr@bell-labs.com

[L]inux has an installed base conservatively estimated at around 3 million
users.... [V]endors say that most of the top companies in the US have bought
the OS - but that few will readily admit to running their multimillion-dollar
corporations on code put together by a band of software idealists. -- _Wired_

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