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Re: Novell Authentication and PPP

sethlist@pc126.psy.aau.dk said:
> Alternatively, if I understood Chip Christian correctly, it is
> possible to have the Novell server run with NIS, and then it is not
> necessary to have any entries in the Linux /etc/passwd because pwdb
> can pick them up via nis.  Is that right? 

Correct.  Just bind to the NIS server running on your Netware server.

> Doug, I think you got pam_nw_auth and pam_ncp switched.  pam_ncp  has
> a version 0.4 and a 0.5 and a Dave (Airlie) associated with it, and
> seems to be actively developed, while pam_nw_auth has a version 1.0,
> and pam_nw_auth can take a list of several servers like this.

> auth       required     pam_nw_auth.so nw_server_name1 nw_server_name2

Yeah, pam_nw_auth 1.0 supports multiple servers like above.
pam_ncp 0.5 needs the single server listed in /etc/pam_ncp.conf

>> So just to be sure...you mean that pam_ncp  worked with PPP, while
>> pam_nw_auth did not?  But Chip at least reported that it would work
>> with pam_nw_auth.  I am experimenting with that now.
>> Bottom line, I think pam_nw_auth would be your best bet. If you 
>> only have one 4.1 server, and it is doing bindery emulation, then 
>> you should have no problems at all.

> But I suspect you mean pam_ncp (if I have interpreted correctly). 

I've seen both modules work.  Since pam_nw_auth supports multiple servers, 
and Novell populates the encrypted password field with BlAh by default, 
I've settled on pam_nw_auth.

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