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Re: Novell Authentication and PPP

On 28 Oct 98, at 17:32, Seth Chaiklin wrote:

> Doug, I think you got pam_nw_auth and pam_ncp switched.  pam_ncp 
> has a version 0.4 and a 0.5 and a Dave (Airlie) associated with it, and
> seems to be actively developed, while pam_nw_auth has a version 1.0, and
> pam_nw_auth can take a list of several servers like this.
> auth       required     pam_nw_auth.so nw_server_name1 nw_server_name2  
> So just to be sure...you mean that pam_ncp  worked with PPP, while
> pam_nw_auth did not?  But Chip at least reported that it would
> work with pam_nw_auth.  I am experimenting with that now.

So sorry... yes, I did invert the names. It was pam_ncp I had 
working with ppp. I had pam_nw_auth working for other services, 
but never got it to work with ppp. Perhaps it has been updated as 

Sorry for the confusion. It was several months ago that I did the 
testing, and we wound up setting up a Livingston Portmaster as our 
dial-up server. Incidentally, you can download a nlm from Novell's 
web site that allows a netware server to act as a Radius server. 
That's what we use to do authentication for our portmaster. Might 
be another option for you.

If anyone does the testing with the new libncp and NDS, I'd like to 
hear the results.


Doug Kite            email: dkite@co.lenoir.nc.us
Network Administrator         phone: 252-559-6442
Lenoir County MIS               fax: 252-523-0371

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