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Re: How do I get rid of passwd/shadow files

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Jim Dennis wrote:

> 	Alright!  That's about the Nth time that someone has
> 	referred to nss_* without a complete explanation.
> 	I gather that this is a modular/extensible "name services
> 	selection?" API which is supported by glibc2 (Linux libc6).
> 	Is that the case?

Yes.  The module in question provides a function that libc calls when an
application calls getpw* and getgr* (and other functions as well).

> 	If that is true than we would modify /etc/nsswitch.conf
> 	(the "witch" of nameservices?) to set the priorities
> 	for each namespace (users, groups, hosts, services, etc).

Exactly.  The nsswitch.conf file controls which modules are queried for a
particular service, and in which order.  Libc queries them each in turn
until one returns successfully, and it then returns the result to the
calling application.  This is similar to the way PAM uses modules.

> 	However, what else would you do?  Is there a HOWTO, a
> 	set of web pages, or a Texinfo file to provide an 
> 	overview of this?

The info documentation for libc has a good deal of information under the
"Name Service Switch" topic.



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