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Re: What is wrong with this program?

I'll play with this and get back to you, but first could I have some
more info....

[Regarding the reply structure, that is supposed to be free'd by the
module that requests it.]

Q1: what is your /etc/pam.d/login file like?

Q2: does this problem go away if you replace all of the modules in this
    config file with pam_permit.so

Q2.suppl: if Q2 gives a clue, can you track down which module is
    causing the problem by exchanging the modules in the login file
    with pam_permit.so one by one?



Mihai Ibanescu writes:
> 	The program attached tries to authenticate a user, having the
> username and the password as argv[1] and argv[2]. The problem is the
> memory leak: the program is getting bigger and bigger, as a ps can show.
> 	I am using RedHat Linux 5.1 on a x86. My pam libs are ok.
> 	Can anyone give me a hint? I suspect the 'reply' struct in
> PAM_conv is never freed. I am not sure. Andrew, is the conversion
> structure supposed to be freed by pam_end?
> TIA,

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