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On Solaris machines there exists a file /etc/logindevperm which indicates
files to be chowned to the user logging in, and modes, for a given tty.
SunOS did the same thing with /etc/fbtab, and could handle lines like:
/dev/console    0600    /dev/mouse:/dev/kbd
/dev/console    0600    /dev/rtvc0             # nachos capture device 0
Solaris adds ability to handle:
/dev/console    0600    /dev/sound/*            # audio devices

I have a function I did years ago to take care of this, but what I'm
wondering is, should I provide a way to define which VTs are consoles, use
/etc/securetty, or just let people define things in terms of 1 VT they
pick to be console? If I opt to allow either definition of VTs which are
console or use of securetty, should I keep the idea that /dev/console maps
to that, or create a "CONSOLE" magic config word? And how to deal with who
owns devices when different people use different VTs?

I'm not real sure what I want, but I do know I want something; On my
Linux/Sparc system I'd like to be set up to own the audio and cdrom
devices when I log in.


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