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Re: pam module that reads a db file?

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Matthew Hixson wrote:

> Hello,
>   I would like to find a pam module that can authenticate username/passwords
> by looking in a Berkely db file.  At first I thought that the pam_pwdb
> module did this, but now it looks like it just looks in the system
> /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files.  Is that correct?
>   I am setting up a machine without shell accounts for more than 65k users on a
> Linux machine.  This machine will provide email services for the users.  I
> would like to use the cyrus pop3d, and deliver (local delivery agent for use
> with sendmail) programs to provide this service.  It seems to me that it would
> be very simple to maintain a db file with username -> password information
> while being faster to lookup than a flat /etc/passwd file.
>   Could someone tell me where I would be able to find such a module, or if
> indeed there is one sitting right under my nose within the pam package I'm
> using (0.65).

To my knowledge, there is no such module currently available; at least, I
haven't seen one come across this list in the year-plus that I've been sitting
here. :)  If there is an NSS module for Berkeley DB files, you could use this
together with the pam_unix modules to handle your authentication, I think, but
since NSS is configured on a system-wide basis, you would then have to use
this for /all/ services...

My best advice is to write (or get someone else to write) a pam module to do
this for you.

-Steve Langasek

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