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Re: md5 passwds not working (suse 7.3) (NOW FIXED)

/me> Anyway, I've just discovered that all apps I've recently compiled
/me> from srpms are failing to auth md5 passwds, but all that were
/me> downloaded as binary rpms are working.

/me> I don't see why that should make a difference, but it is.

I just grabbed and compiled suse 8.0's pam srpms.  Now everything
works again.  (I did not have to recompile the previously broken
packages after installing the updated pam rpms, so it was a runtime
rather than compile-time error.)

I still don't know why stuff I compiled (using rpm) was failing but
stuff from their cds worked, but whatever it was is now corrected.

One bug I found trying to compile pam-0.75-199.src.rpm was due to this
patch in the srpm:

--- modules/pam_unix/Makefile
+++ modules/pam_unix/Makefile	2002/01/24 17:01:45
@@ -146,7 +146,8 @@
 ifdef DYNAMIC
 	for x in pam_unix_auth pam_unix_acct pam_unix_passwd pam_unix_session;\
-		do ln -sf $(LIBSHARED) $(FAKEROOT)$(SECUREDIR)/$$x.so ; done
+		do ln -f $(LIBSHARED) $(FAKEROOT)$(SECUREDIR)/$$x.so ; done
+	rm $(FAKEROOT)$(SECUREDIR)/pam_unix.so
 	install -m 4555 $(CHKPWD) $(FAKEROOT)$(SUPLEMENTED)

It should instead look like (shown here w/o the context and w/ y/\t/ /):

-  do ln -sf $(LIBSHARED) $(FAKEROOT)$(SECUREDIR)/$$x.so ; done
+  do ln -f $(FAKEROOT)$(SECUREDIR)/$(LIBSHARED) $(FAKEROOT)$(SECUREDIR)/$$x.so ; done

so that the srpm will compile in the (usual) case where the BUILD
directory and the FAKEROOT directory are on different filesystems,
such as the typical /usr/src/packages/BUILD and /var/tmp/WHATEVER.


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