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[Fwd: [PAM-Announce] Linux-PAM 0.76 released]

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[Many moons later...]

This is to announce that 0.76 is released. You can find the source
tar.gz file here:


I've appended the CHANGELOG for 0.75 below. [For further info start
here: http://pam.sourceforge.net/ .]

There are still outstanding issues as captured by the sourceforge pam
tracker. Hopefully, it won't be so long till the next release.



Extract from CHANGELOG:

* pam_unix: fix for legacy crypt() support when the password entered
  was long. (Bug 521314 - agmorgan).
* pam_access no longer include gethostname() prototype complained from
  David Lee (Bug 415423 - agmorgan).
* make pam_nologin more secure by default, added two new module
  arguments etc. - acting on suggestion from Nico (Bug 419307 -
* link in libpam to libpam_misc - since the latter uses functions in
  the former it makes some sort of sense to do this (although, in the
  static library case, I remain to be convinced). (Bug 565470 -
* absorbed some of the proposed darwin (OS X) changes from Luke Howard
  (of PADL software) - hopefully will get the rest (see Rob Braun's
  534205) by 0.77 (Bug 491466 - agmorgan).
* README fix for pam_unix from Nalin (Bug 476971 - agmorgan).
* add support for building pdf files from the documentation - request
  from 'lolive' (Bug 471377 - agmorgan).
* documented the equivalent '[..]' expressions for "required"
  etc. Request from Ross Patterson (Bug 529078 - agmorgan).
* '[...]' parsing: document it and also fix it to support '\]' escape
  sequence. Feature request from Russell Kliese (Bug 517064 -
* pam_rootok: compilation warning noted by Tony den Haan wrt no
  prototype for strcmp() (Bug 557322 - agmorgan).
* documentation: (a few of mine in passing) and app documentation
  suggestions regarding PAM environment variables and module
  documentation changes regarding the conversation function from Jenn
  Vesperman (Bug 527821, 527965 - agmorgan)
* documentation: pam_time.sgml typo fixed, pam_motd exists now,
  correct Red Hat comment about config files (Bugs 554274, 554261,
  554182 - agmorgan)
* pam_limits: added '%' domain for maxlogins limiting, now '*' and
  have the old meaning (every) and '%' the new one (all)
  (Bug 533664 - baggins)
* pam_limits: put not so interesting log messages under debug arg
  (Bug 533668 - baggins)
* pam_access: added the 'fieldsep=' argument (Bug 547051 - agmorgan),
  made a PAM_RHOST of "" equivalent to NULL (Bug 547521 - agmorgan).
* pam_limits: keep well know behaviour of maxlogins default ('*') limit
  (Bug 533664 - baggins)
* pam_unix: more from Nalin log password changes (Bug 517743 - agmorgan)
* pam_limits: make it use the priority value specified in config
  (bug 530428 - baggins)
* pam_unix: removed broken code in password update code. Report from
  Len Lattanzi (Bug 507379 - agmorgan)
* pam_mkhomedir: recurse directories. Patch from Nalin (Bug 476981 -
* pam_limits can handle negative priority limits now (which can apply
  to the superuser too) - based on patch from Nalin. Also cleanup the
  error handling that was very sloppy before. Also, courtesy of Berend
  De Schouwe get the math right on login counting (Bug 476990, 476987,
  493294 - agmorgan)
* documentation: random typo fixes from Nalin and more stuff from me
  (Bug 476949, Tasks 43507, 17426 - agmorgan)
* A Tru64 fix (given other stuff has already resolved this, it
  actually just a comment actually) from 'Eddie'. (Bug 418450 -
* pam_handlers: BSD fix from Dag-Erling Smørgrav and Anton Berezin
  (Bug 486063 - agmorgan)
* added the dynamic/* directory to the distribution. If you go in
  there after building the rest of the tree, you'll make a pam.so
  object that can be used by something like a java runtime with
  dlopen. Its not very well tested - caveat emptor. (Bug 232194 -
* somehow pam_unix has started forcing the user prompt to be "login: ".
  This is entirely inapropriate as it overrides PAM_USER_PROMPT. (Bug
  486361 - agmorgan).
* added a static module helper library object includes a few changes
  to examples/xsh.c for testing purposes (added a simple shell wrapper
  for running xsh with the sandbox libraries), and also modified the
  pam_rhosts_auth module to use this new library. (Bug 490938, 409852
  - agmorgan).
* pam_unix: fix 'likeauth' to kill off the memory leak once and for all.
  (Bug 483959 - vorlon)
* pam_unix: restore handling of 'likeauth' argument to a known working
  state; prettify AUTH_RETURN macro; remove redundant argv checks in
  pam_sm_setcred() (Bugs 483959, 113596 - vorlon)
* pam_cracklib: another try at implementing similar() from Harald
  Welte and Nalin (Bugs 436053, 476957 - agmorgan)
* pam_access: default access.conf file contained a type (console
  instead of LOCAL) fix from Nalin (Bug 476934 - agmorgan)
* pam_unix: fixed bizarre memory leak pointed out by Fernando Trias
  (Bug 483959 - agmorgan)
* misc string comparison length checking changes from Nalin. Modules
  touched, pam_cracklib, pam_listfile, pam_unix, pam_wheel (Bug 476947 -
* pam_userdb: require that all of typed password matches that in
  database report and fix from Vladimir Pastukhov. (Bug 484252 -
* pam_malloc: revived malloc debugging code, now tied to
  --enable-memory-debug and added strdup() support (Bug 485454 -
* pam_tally: Nalin's fix for lastlog corruption (Bug 476985 - agmorgan)
* pam_rhosts: Nalin adds support for '+hostname', and zdd fix
  compilation warning. (Bug 476986 - agmorgan)
* pam_motd: Nalin fixed compiler warning. (Bug 476938 - agmorgan)
* pam_pwdb: Solar Designer pointed out that there was a problem with
  the compatibility support for md5 password hashing. (Bug 460717,
  476961 - agmorgan)
* pam_issue: Nalin found segfaulting problems if the PAM_USER_PROMPT
  is unset, found some similar problems with assumptions about
  realloc. (Bug 476983 - agmorgan)
* pam_env: 'weichangyang of hotmail' pointed out a wild string with no
  valid '\0' was leading to problems with sshd and suggested fix (Bug
  473034 - agmorgan)
* MANDIR cleanup. It defaults to /usr/share/man, but can be overridden
  using the --enable-mandir ./configure option, similarly for DOCDIR
  from Nalin (Bug 476940 - agmorgan)
* pam_filter cleanup (including moving the filter directory) Nalin
  and Harald Welte (Bugs 436057, 476970 - agmorgan)
* db3 is now recognized as a libdb candidate (Bug 435764 - agmorgan)
* more changes (extracted from redhat version) courtesy of
  Harald Welte (Bugs pam_limits=436061, pam_lastlog=436060,
  pam_mkhomedir/pam_env=435991 - agmorgan)
* fix for legacy behavior of pam_setcred and pam_close_session in
  the case that pam_authenticate and pam_open_session hadn't been
  called - bug report from Seongwan Park. (Bug 468724 - agmorgan)
* some BSD updates and fixes from Mark Murray - including a slightly
  more robust conversation function and some minimization of gcc
  warnings. (Bugs 449203,463984 - agmorgan)
* verified that the setcred stack didn't suffer from the bug I was
  nervous about, add a new module pam_debug to help me test this.
  fixed a libpam/pam_dispatch.c instrumentation line that I tripped
  over when testing. Also restructured pam_warn to help here (Bug
  424315 - agmorgan).
* pam_unix/support.c: sample use of reentrant NSS function.  Not yet
  because modules do not include _pam_aconf_h! (Bug 440107 - vorlon)
* doc/Makefile changes - use $(mandir) [courtesy Harald Welte] (Bug
  435760) and add some rules to make/delete the draft rfc I've been
  working on (Task 17426 - agmorgan)
* pam_modules.sgml: sourceforge has changed its CVS viewing software
  (Bug 460491 - agmorgan)
* pam_unix_passwd: got rid of an annoying warning (Bug 461089 -
* configure.in, _pam_aconf.h.in: set the stage for fully reentrant PAM
  modules, with some infrastructure to detect getxxbyxx_r() functions
  (Bug 440107 - vorlon)
* pam_unix: removed superfluous use of static variables in md5 and
  routines, bringing us a step closer to thread-safeness.  Eliminated
  some variable indirection along the way.  (Bug 440107 - vorlon)
* pam_tally: remove #include of stdlib.h, which isn't needed by anything
  found in this module.  Can be readded if we find a real need for it at
  a later date. (Bug 436432 - vorlon)
* pam_tally: added an #include (was it really needed?) and made the
  pam_tally app install (with more pretty printing and a corrected
  Makefile dependency) motivated by a (red hat diff) courtesy of Harald
  Welte (Bug 436432 - agmorgan)
* configure.in changes to help support non-Linux environments courtesy
  of Scott T. Emery (Bug 422563 - agmorgan)
* made a pam_cracklib enhancement to interpret -ve limits in a
  sensible fashion contributed by Werner Puschitz (Bug 413162 -
* another fix for the latest number of rlimits available to pam_limits
  (Bug 424060 - agmorgan)
* removed stale link from pam_pwdb documentation (Bug 433460 - agmorgan)
* pam_appl.sgml change - more discussion of choosing a service name
  (Bug 417512 - agmorgan)
* more specific linking requirements for -lndbm for pam_userdb - from
  David Lee (Bug 417339 - agmorgan)
* a large number of small changes to make AIX support better (Bug
  416229 - agmorgan)
* $(MAKE) instead of 'make' - from Scott T. Emery (Bug 422144 -
* c++ header fixes for pam_misc.h and pam_client.h - from Alexandre
  Sagala (Bug 420270 - agmorgan)
* pam_access fixes - looks out for trailing '.' - from Carlo Marcelo
  Arenas Belon (Bug 419631 - agmorgan)
* don't zero out password strings during pam_unix's password changing
  function (Bug 419803 - vorlon)
* propagate some definitions to the _pam_aconf.h file - from David Lee
  (Bug 415419 - agmorgan)
* solaris GCC OS_CFLAGS change from David Lee (Bug 415412 - agmorgan)
* added a comment to this CHANGELOG to explain why most of the bugids
  used below appear not to be known to sourceforge [try adding 100000
  to the bugid number.] (Bug 414943 - agmorgan)
* bumped version numbers and also added support for SONAME defines
  that appear not to have survived the great autoconf experiment (Bug
  414669 - agmorgan).

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