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mod_auth_pam 1.1 released


a new release of mod_auth_pam was necessary to change the licensing terms
and also includes a performance improvement.

Previously, the license implicitly prohibited redistribution.  This was just
because I never specified anything about redistribution and, contrary
to what I believed, the default is apparently in many countries
to forbid redistribution.  Of course that was never my intention.  To prevent 
any confusion, the license has now been updated to explicitly permit 
redistribution in source and binary form.  Thanks to Dirk-Willem von Gulik 
for pointing this out!

Also, a patch to improve group-lookup performance, especially with
large numbers of groups and NIS or NIS-like setups, was contributed
by Fredrik Ohrn who has graciously permitted me to include his changes 
in a future release.  I took the opportunity and did this right now.
The new code is actually substantially simpler and shorter and fixes
a long-standing bug that occured when new groups were added after Apache
was started.  Thanks a lot Fredrik!

Everyone is encouraged to upgrade!  Download the new version at

Several people have offered to take over maintenance of mod_auth_pam
after I put out a request for help because my time for the project was 
less than optimal for quite a while now.  I'm happy that so much 
interest in the module is still there and would like to direct future 
inquiries to this mailing-list so that the new folks can have a chance 
at it.  Of course, I'm still available for help but might take a quite bit 
longer to respond.

Have Fun!


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