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RE: Success/Fail bug when calling modules more than once?

Andrew> ... confusing itself (it might be trampling 
Andrew> on its own pam_[gs]et_data() items for example...?).

Nalin> Actually, it likely does confuse itself in this way (it stores the
Nalin> previous authentication request's status and returns it to ensure the
Nalin> stack is always traversed the same way, though it shouldn't be
Nalin> with Linux-PAM >= 0.74 or so).

Nalin> I'm not sure what the best way to go about fixing that is, though.

Makes sense.  I just downloaded the module's code and was looking at it a
little, and was coming to the same conclusion.  [Can you update the module
documentation to indicate this might be a problem?]

Nalin, what's your feeling about supporting a list of realms to check on a
single call to the module?  That's ultimately what I'd like to do, and in my
case, would sidestep the issue of how to fix multiple calls to the module.

My thought on this would be allowing a list of realms to check, such as
realm=A.CORP.COM;B.CORP.COM and when a success is found, stop checking.

If this seemed a good approach, I'll pursue it.  Feel free to take this
offlist if we're going outside scope.


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