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pam_group.so not working

Hi all,

Having some problems getting pam_group.so to assign extra groups for console logins. Here's my /etc/security/group.conf:

login ; vc/* ; tppytel ; Al0000-2400 ; floppy

I've tried just a * instead of vc/*, since I wasn't sure if devfs was confusing things. Also tried a * in the user and service fields. In my /etc/pam.d/login file, the pam_group line is

auth optional pam_group.so

Sorry I don't have the rest of the login file - I'm in Windows at the moment - but it's pretty basic stuff. Just the usual pam_unix checks along with lastlog and a securetty check.

Now, no matter how I configure things, no extra group privileges are granted and all I get is a line in syslog:

[time] pam_group.so [pid]: not opened

I changed the control in login from optional to requisite, hoping to get more information, but nothing changed AND the login was still successful. Anybody know what's going on here?

This is using Linux-PAM-0.76 compiled and fitted into a Slackware 8.1 system with a rebuilt Shadow-4.0.3. Other PAM features (cracklib checking, motd) and services work just fine, so I don't think I screwed up the installation. I'd rather not use pam_console, since I'd have to dig it out of an rpm, and the most recent version appears to be for .75, which means I'd have to recompile everything again.


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