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Re: Problem with long names


I'm using PAM-LDAP, and just created a testuser with a 12 character long login name.
Everything works OK.

It might indeed be a pam_unix problem, but it's sure nothing
related to PAM itself.

Perhaps you should go through your PAM documentation to find out how
to put some more information into your log-files.


Ondrej Svetlik wrote:

People with login names longer then 9 characters cannot login. Does anybody have any idea what to do?

When using pam_krb5, the module logs success for authentication, but login fails. It seems to be something with pam_unix?


(pts/4)root@osvetlik:~# useradd pferschman
(pts/4)root@osvetlik:~# passwd pferschman
Changing password for user pferschman.
New password:heslo
BAD PASSWORD: it is too short
Retype new password:heslo
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

(pts/5)osvetlik@osvetlik:~> su - pferschman
su: incorrect password

Nothing's logged.

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