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Re: Re: Re: redhat nis client, freebsd nis server

In response to adellam:

It turns out that bsd is using md5 AND des (I don't know how it's
working, but it is), while redhat is using md5. The profile I'm using to
test is using an md5 password (begins with $1$), however, so at least
for that id the authentication hash matches between nis server and nis

bsd wanted to use master.passwd.byname instead of shadow.byname, but to
check if this was the problem I changed the yp Makefile to build shadow
in addition to master.passwd . I also changed my /etc/nsswitch.conf file
to match what you listen in your message. I've tried these changes using
both pam_unix.so and pam_pwdb.so in my /etc/pam.d files related to
logging in (system-auth, login, rsh). As root, I can do 'ypmatch profile
shadow.byname' and get the encrypted password, but as the user, I get
"Internal NIS error" (but then again, I can't login on the redhat
machine as an NIS user). If I'm on a BSD nis client, and run 'ypmatch
user_name shadow.byname' I get an error.

from /etc/nsswitch.conf:
passwd:    compat
shadow:    files nis
group:     compat
from /etc/passwd:
from /etc/group:

Login on redhat nis client machine as root and 'su - nistest' works:
sh-2.05$ ypmatch nistest shadow.byname
Can't match key nistest in map shadow.byname. Reason: Internal NIS error
sh-2.05$ ypmatch nistest passwd.byname
nistest:*:1032:20:Nis Tester:/home/nistest:/bin/sh

Errors in /var/log/messages on Redhat 7.2 nis client machine when trying
to rsh using nis profile:
with pam_pwdb as auth in /etc/pam.d/system-auth
Nov 22 22:41:35 redhat_host pam_rhosts_auth[2501]: denied to grega@freebsd
as nistest: access not allowed
Nov 22 22:41:39 redhat_host PAM_pwdb[2501]: authentication failure;
(uid=0) -> nistest for rlogin service
Nov 22 22:41:40 redhat_host in.rlogind[2501]: PAM authentication failure
for in.rlogind
Nov 22 22:41:42 redhat_host PAM_pwdb[2502]: authentication failure;
(uid=0) -> nistest for login service
with pam_unix as auth in /etc/pam.d/system-auth
Nov 22 23:02:26 redhat_host pam_rhosts_auth[2998]: denied to grega@freebsd
as nistest: access not allowed
Nov 22 23:02:30 redhat_host rlogin(pam_unix)[2998]: authentication
failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=rlogin ruser=grega rhost=freebsd 
Nov 22 23:02:32 redhat_host in.rlogind[2998]: PAM authentication failed
for in.rlogind

Banging my head against a wall...


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