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re: account - is there something else?

I've been reading though the samba docs and it looks like it will do it.  It 
just seems more painful that it should be.  It would be tons easier to do 
this in PAM.  Rather than setup all these extra services if I could just have 
some sort of config option where I could list out default passwd options it 
would sure make thing easier.  For example the only thing I need this to do 
use to authenticate via samba then point the users that don't already have a 
$home directory to /home/somedir and give them a shell.  That's about it.

Is a module option like this possible in PAM?  IF it is, it's probally worth 
the time to write it for us.  If not I guess we'll have to go the other 

Thanks for the help!


I don't think this is an PAM issue. Try winbindd coming with samba, it
provides an NSS module with the ability to map domain users to local
users without entries in /etc/passwd.

- Joerg

On Fri, 2002-11-22 at 00:09, Keith Pettit wrote:
> I'm using pam smb auth and I want users to be able to logon different 
> withouth users having to be in the /etc/passwd file.    I would love to be 
> able to say in my pam.d/
> account required       pam XXX.so
> Then have some sort of config for that modules where I could specify a home 
> directory and other user options for that user to user.
> Anyways if there is something that I'm missing please let me know.  Besides 
> this PAM is working great, coudln't get by without it.
> Keith
> kpettit@drgutah.com
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