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Re: Dynamically creating users if !exist

Harold Martin wrote:

Harold Martin wrote:
If hardened, and power cycled, do the accounts disappear?

No, why would they?

Because the accounts weren't hardened with the core system. You'd have to have a persistent form of storing the accounts from powercycle to powercycle - either that or a really trustworthy ups.

I've really lost you here. My idea is jsut to copy a template account for the new user. This would then be all on the HD, right?

So, the accounts are not really "hardened", then, just put on a hard drive. I understand.

For my purposes, local=someone typing on the physically attached
keybaord and getting feedback through the physically attached display.

A simple module would suffice using the pseudo-code you already wrote, and then put it in the login.conf file in /etc/pam.d. Nothing else will use the module to authenticate (ssh/telnet/mail), only a console text login (X windows might need one, too, if you want to allow that, by putting a reference to the module in the /etc/pam.d/[gkx]dm.conf files (depends on if you are using gnome, kde, or regular X) for the login and xscreensaver.conf for handling the screen savers.


Thanks a ton,

If you need a customized pam_module, any number of these guys around the list will be able to help. I had to port the pam_mysql from Linux to BSD, so I'm also able to help.

Thanks a whole lot. :-D

I noticed you didn't cc your last email to the list, so I'm not cc'ing
this either...

That was my mistake.


Harold Martin wrote:

On Tue, 2003-10-21 at 14:01, Joe Lewis wrote:

Yes, though I'd have no clue as to why. The whole intent of PAM is to make the security of a device more easily configurable, and just opening the door for users to log in with a new user ID opens a LOT of security holes.

I'm open to suggestions (besides creating a special user to create
users, which I've already ruled out).

I'm putting it out as a system where there will be a limited set of
people who will be allowed to access it. The computer itself will be
hardened. The only apps that will be availible to users will be email,
web, and cards (basically). Certainly no console access.
I realize that with enough effort those outside of my given range of
users could login. That it could be used for cracking. That users could
bumble around and create 100 accounts for themselves.
(The latter being the worst of my fears ;) )
But I have yet to see a better way...

If you have programming skills, you can create a module that catches the pam_sm_authenticate function, checks for the user, and if not found, creates the user and returns success.

I really don't have enough skills with PAM in specific (or C in general).
And this system is supposed to be availible soon, so I really dn't have
time to learn :(
If someone wants to mentor me in programming such a module, I'd be
extremly appreciative.


Is there any way I can use PAM to dynamically create a users, if the
username doesn't exist?
I've looked at creating a user whose sole purpose is to create users,
but I don't want to do that.

How can I get something like this working?


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