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statically linking pam


I am attempting to build the pam library so that it can be statically
linked with applications.  (This is needed for an architecture that
doesn't support dynamically linked libraries).  I have tried this with
both older versions (0.7x) and the latest (0.99).  I keep running into
problems.  Is this configuration a part of any regression tests?  I
need both libpam and the standard set of modules.  From what I can
gather, this should "supported", but I'm not having much luck.

With 0.7x I have tried --enable-static-libpam --enable-static-modules.
 With 0.99 I tried --enable-static.  In some cases the make fails when
an attempt to read _static_module_objects (which doesn't exist yet). 
I can touch this file and get the build to proceed a bit further. 
However, then it fails with multiple definition errors for various
symbols.  Incidentally, I didn't have much luck building 0.99 at all
(both dynmaic and static).

Any feedback or suggestions would be welcome.


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