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limits.conf doesn't appear to have any effect


On both redhat 7.3 and EL3 machines my entries of:

nobody          hard    cpu     1

do not seem to have effect.

I am trying to limit bad apache and apache-spawned processes (all ran as user nobody).

My only guess is that perhaps since apache starts out as root it is getting roots limits? I doubt this but it is all I can think of.

These are very stock installs of 7.3 and EL3 - is there anything I need to enable to make PAM limits effective? Do I need to reboot tthe machine?
After I make the changes I do stop and restart apache.

Also, until I can solve this, is anyone aware of a good script to kill off processes uses too much CPU time? Or a perl module that I can use to write something
to grab CPU times and do the killing in my own script?


P.S. I searched the archives but could not find anything. One recent message said to search the archives for a solution (another user posted a similiar question to mine)
but I could not find anything. Thanks again.

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