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Re: pam_listfile for session?


if you can't deal with this error you can give pam_cifs a try. It is limited 
in the kind of filesystems it can deal with (only CIFS), but it is simple and 


Am Dienstag, 17. Januar 2006 11:05 schrieb Robert Penz:
> Hi!
> I'm using following to mount some samba shares after success authentication
> against the PDC.
> auth       optional   pam_mount.so use_first_pass
> session    optional   pam_mount.so use_first_pass
> The problem now is that I get following if I login as root or an local
> user.
> pam_mount: error trying to retrieve authtok from auth code
> pam_mount: Conversation error
> pam_mount: error trying to read password
> Which is ofcourse correct and it still works, but doesn't look good -
> specially if I've some scripts which login via ssh and report an error if
> they got anything in stdout/stderr. I'm now searching for something which
> prevents the session line to be excuted for local users. First I thought at
> something like
> session     sufficient pam_listfile.so item=user sense=allow
> file=/etc/localusers onerr=success
> but pam_listfile does not support the session management. Has anyone an
> other idea? thx.
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Wilhelm Meier
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