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Re: [PATCH] Fix Linux-PAM compiling when system headers don't define HOST_NAME_MAX. (fwd)

On Sun, Jan 29, Dan Yefimov wrote:

> 				Hello!
> 	While compiling Linux-PAM I've discovered that on my system 
> compiling modules/pam_echo/pam_echo.c fails because of HOST_NAME_MAX is 
> undefined on my system. Attached a patch that simply defines HOST_NAME_MAX to 
> either MAXHOSTNAME (if that is defined in sys/param.h, which is my case) or to 
> 64, if the former is not defined (which is unlikely, but...). The patch is 
> applied to configure.in only (of course, after that autoreconf should be 
> invoked). Please apply.

There is already another fix in CVS for pam_echo.c

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