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Re: pam_access and a .d directory

On Wed, Sep 06, seth vidal wrote:

> Hi,
>  On our systems we use pam_access quite extensively. We have a base-set
> of rules we apply to every server and then some servers require special
> rules. We'd love to be able to use something like:
> /etc/security/access.conf <-- default rules
> /etc/security/access.conf.d/*.conf <-- additional rules concatenated
> onto the end of the whole set.
> Just like with all the other .d directory changes it would allow us to
> drop a file onto the system to let that work w/o having to modify the
> access.conf itself.

The problem is: the order is important, the first matched rule 
found will be used. with a .d directory, you don't have this
control anymore and you can get bad side effects, depending on at
which time which files are created.


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