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Re: Passing information from app to module by pam_*env

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Hi Steve,

first of all thank you for your feedback. It is very important for me,
to get a critical view on my ideas.

Steve Langasek schrieb:
> Only a handful of non-interactive applications do this.  Most applications
> correctly forward such requests for information to the user.

Of course, you are right. I only looked at non-interactive modules.

> But again, if the application /also/ needs to know this information, you
> don't seem to have anything particularly pluggable.  If the module and
> application have to be used together, there's not much point in making a PAM
> module at all.

I tend to differ. The information I pass will not be mandatory. In the
meantime I found another module, which also uses the conversation
function to gather more information about the application
(Huderos-Project, but it seems to be dead).

Do you agree with me, that a module, that uses additional information if
it exists (e.g. by calling the conversation function and "ignoring"
empty results) is still "pluggable"?
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