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Re: 2 instances of ssh

On 9/24/07, Jason Clifford <jason ukpost com> wrote:
On Mon, 24 Sep 2007, J Adams wrote:

> I want to run two instances of sshd, one that authenticates against
> system accounts and another that uses radius. How do I tell Pam which
> conf file to use for two instances of the same service? Is that
> possible, or do I have to run one instance and one file that checks both
> places? If it's the latter, how do I do that ("sufficient" doesn't
> always seem to behave as I'd expect.)? Help is greatly appreciated.

You just need to run sshd specifying the configuration file it should use
with the -f flag.


Thanks, but I'm a little confused. Maybe I'm not understanding your answer or might be that I wasn't very clear to begin with.

What I want is to have two instances of sshd that both use Pam, but have Pam use a different config file for each.
How do I use sshd_config to tell pam which config file to read?

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