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Conversation function with both user and password prompt

I wrote an application with my own conversation function to display and answer the pam requests with the help of a gui. 

I also included support for multiple pam_message's in one conversation call.  This has the benefit to present the user only one dialog with two input field for user and password. 

But pam doesn't seem to use this functionality.  It always calls the conversation function two times (resulting in two dialogs).

I know that every pam module can decide for itself what messages it wants to query from the application. But is there a way to force i.e. pam_unix to call the conversation function with user and password?

I can also imagine a pam module that queries user and password with one conversation call and stores it in pam_handle_t. Than tell pam_unix somehow to use this items instead of making new calls. 
Is this possible? Does this imaginary pam module exist?


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