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Restrict list of users under KDE Advanced Permissions


We want users to be able to set ACL's in the Konqueror file manager for
files/directories in group shared NFS areas.  When I try to use
Konqueror to set an ACL on a file/directory it appears to get the full
list of LDAP and local users and truncates that to something like 255
users.  These two issues make the feature unusable as we have more than
that number of users and we don't want the whole list of users

There doesn't appear to be any way of controlling the list of users
offered within the KDE or Konqueror preference files.  We use openldap
to contain the user info using the scheme:
ou=users,dc=mydomain,dc=net.  Is there some way, using either ldap acls,
a pam module, or a setting in /etc/ldap.conf, of restricting the list of
users and groups the user sees to only those they are a member of?  



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