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Config files using PAM

I've been looking at and using PAM for a little while now as part of an overall effort within the organization I work for to build a generalized hardened Red Hat Linux baseline.  I've found the latest documentation dated 16 April (v1.0.1).



I've been looking for a while for documentation that would explain the implementation of PAM, what configuration files had what options set and what the rationale has been.  Seems like something would be very valuable, but I am not able to locate anything like it.  An example would be (under Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS4, x32 bit) the "/etc/pam.d/system-auth" among many others in "/etc/pam.d", describing their purpose, usage, structure, limitations, warnings, gotcha's, etc...


Has anyone seen or have anything like that?


Thank you very much.

-Joe Wulf, CISSP, USN(RET)
 Senior IA Engineer
 ProSync Technology Group, LLC

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