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Re: pam_unix, pam_putenv() and pam_getenv()

On Mon, Aug 03, 2009 at 02:01:07PM -0600, Jason Gerfen wrote:
> After a bit of researching I would like to clarify that utilizing the
> pam_putenv() function would allow me to pass a UID/GID pair to the
> pam_unix authentication module as long as the pam_unix module utilizes
> the pam_getenv() function to recognize a valid UID/GID pair vs utilizing
> the getpwnam() function.

The pam_putenv()/pam_getenv() functions are used to set "environment"
variables related to the PAM session, primarily with the expectation that
these values will be exported to the process environment at the start of the
PAM session by the service.

There is no way in which pam_unix would look at the PAM environment for
UID/GID values (nor should it).

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