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the installer a bit speedier than RH 9's?

I just installed a circa-1999 Dell Optiplex using the CDs.  The installer
seems somewhat faster -- a custom install of 2.7 Gigabytes worth took 30
minutes.  This seems faster then what I saw in RH 9 (though it's a poor
statistical sample :-).

I have the problem with the graphical installer hanging, as described
in the release notes.  But there isn't a 'severn' item in the version
scroll-list yet on the bugzilla web page....

Well, I see the LPRng is gone; I was hoping it would make one more round.

And I see that pine finally bit the dust.   My users are going to howl
like banshees.  Well, guess I'll finally look into rolling my own pine

denice.deatrich @ epfl.ch, DSC / LTHC-LTHI, E.P.F.L.   PH: +41 (21) 693 76 67
<*> This moment's fortune cookie:
Whenever anyone says, "theoretically," they really mean, "not really."
		-- Dave Parnas

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