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Re: Reason for the change

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Once upon a time at band camp Tue, 22 Jul 2003 10:03 am, seth vidal wrote:
> depends on what you describe as an 'enterprise'.
> I still haven't heard where university 'enterprises' fit in this grand
> scheme.
> I'm beginning to wonder if we(universities) do at all.

The university i attend is using 7.3 still on all the servers  and the 
desktops running Linux which dont count for many are on a modified 8.0  
apparently  they couldnt get the modifications working with shrike.  they use 
user mode linux  to teach routing and a few other things  they have changed.

This is making me wonder where RHCE  stands.  i was intending to complete 
certification before i graduated  but now im not sure if i should  or what 
route i should take as to my future.  I definatly want to stay in the nix 
world.  its also hard to judge  since im currently about 12000 miles from my 
intended work area.  so i dont fully know  what to expect from the job market 
there.  though getting my RHCE  is cheaper here than it is there.  I guess 
time will tell what happens.

> > We haven't set policy here for sure.  Sporadic and incomplete updates
> > can be worse for overall security than none at all and an encouragement
> > to update.  This needs more thought.
> sure enough - but there are a lot of university sysadmins running linux.
> a lot of developer hours there.
> -sv
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